Lyne Holy Rail Stash Bag Kit

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This kit is a 260mm Holy Rail, side entry bottle cage and a baseplate with fastening strap and Stash Bag.

The Stash Bag is a soft bag that can carry a MTB" tube and has a inner pouch for holding Co2 cannisters. Other spares can be added depending on the size of the tube.

The thick strap around the bag stops spares from rattling. Simply tighten down the strap after the filling the bag to stop the contents from rattling.

 Included in the kit:

 1X 260mm Holy Rail Kit

1X Side Entry Bottle Cages

1X Base Plate

1X Fastening Strap

1X Stash Bag

Includes all bolts and nuts needed for mounting.

Check out our Holy Rail archive, we are documenting successful Holy Rail setups for reference purposes.