Lyne CO2 Bracket

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We decided to give the age-old CO2 bracket a much-needed overhaul.

What makes our CO2 bracket unique is the interlocking adjustable design. This allows the spacing between the canisters to be adjusted to get the perfect fit on every frame. The brackets can also be flipped to change the canister position.

We have included an assortment of spacers with the bracket to allow for various configurations. You can mount the brackets together to use two or four canisters on both sides of the frame. Alternatively you can use the thin washers to mount a bracket on one side and use the spare bracket on your second bike. The large washers provided are used to level out the cage.

We have included rubber bumpers with the kit; these are used on the CO2 canisters to avoid any unwanted rattling when mounting the canisters very close to the frame.


This product also works great with The Holy Rail.