Forza Tool Pouch (The Hanger Bike Co Branded)

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Manufactured to suit the needs of South African mountain Bikers and cyclists, the Forza Tool pouch is designed to keep all of your tools safe and dry on your ride. Built from premium quality IP46 water resistant neoprene, the Forza Tool Pouch is durable in all riding conditions and flexible to accommodate all of your essentials. Special features include a full zip for easy access, a road tube strap, and a mini pocket to store your valve cores and quick links. The Forza Tool Pouch is designed to fit perfectly in any cycling jersey pocket, and the neoprene outer ensures the comfort of your lower back while riding. Plugs, multitools, Co2 cartridges, tyre levers, mini pumps, chain lube, quick-links, valve cores – The Forza Tool Pouch keeps EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE.


The Forza Pouch has an internal and an external pocket to store all of your tools. Suitable for plugs, multitools, Co2 cartridges, tyre levers, mini pumps, chain lube- or anything else you require on your ride.


The Forza pouch has an internal mini-pocket, specifically designed to keep your chain links and valve cores separated from the rest of your tools.


The Forza Pouch has a tube strap suitable for any road tube. This stops your tube from unravelling, and keeps it firmly secured and protected from the elements.